Stress incontinence? Sneeze Pee? Here's how to show your pelvic floor some love

Top tip: stop sitting on your tail bone! If you sit with your pelvis tucked under you, you are sitting on your tail bone, effectively pushing it forwards. Your pelvic floor runs from tail bone to pubis (front of the pelvis), so the further in your tail bone goes, the weaker and tighter (not in a good way right!) your pelvic floor becomes. Think strong trampoline to weak hammock effect. The more hammock like your pelvic floor becomes, the more pressure it is under, hence leakage on strain or impact. SO, get off your tail bone, rock your pelvis forwards, stick your butt out and sit up on your sit bones or BEST OF ALL, SIT LESS, MUCH LESS! No amount of Kegel's are going to help your pelvic floor until you address (amongst other things!) the position of your pelvis. Message me if your pelvic floor needs a little TLC.

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