Shopping Trolley Wheelies


Who says you shouldn’t do them once you’re over the age of 10? I was ticked off as I sailed down aisle nine, wind in my hair, washing powder and floor cleaner flying past me.

A tap on the shoulder ‘Don’t you think you should stop doing that?’ ‘Never’ I cried, as I whizzed up aisle ten!

From the time we start school, we are expected to sit in chairs, and by the time we are young adults, studying hard and starting our careers, we move less and less. Our lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary, with the subsequent health risks.

Remember, our bodies were created to move. If we don't keep our bodies moving, this is what we stand to lose over the decades:

Lean Muscle Tissue 

  • We lose 6.6 lbs of muscle per decade unless we use it.
  • 95% of lower back pain comes from lack of strength and/or flexibility.

 Coordination and balance 

  • We lose significant neural adaptation over time. Up to a 30% decrease in coordination occurs simply by not exercising. We're not uncoordinated because we are aging; we are uncoordinated because we haven't used it.

 Metabolic Rate

  • The body's natural ability to burn fat drops drastically as we lose muscle. We can change that at any age.

 Body Fat Percentage

  • A decrease in 5-7% of your body fat can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 40-50%!

 Aerobic Capacity

  • Our heart & lungs don't become weaker as we age. Exercise maintains aerobic capacity.

 Blood Sugar Tolerance

  • Type II (adult onset) diabetes should never happen. We allow it to take place through overeating and not keeping our exercising hormones stimulated.


  • Far more significant improvement in cholesterol profiles come from exercise as compared to medication. Rising cholesterol levels are mostly within our control.

Blood Pressure

  • Known as the ‘silent killer’ since there are no symptoms. We can achieve a 34% decrease in blood pressure with two months of exercise.

Bone Density

  • Research has found that exercise is one of the most effective methods for increasing bone mass density.

What ever age you may be, if you are not active, then start now. You can either age quickly or gracefully (or disgracefully, if you get caught pulling shopping trolley wheelies!), your choice.

Visit our download page for a great advice sheet called 'Don't Just Sit There'. It covers all aspects of health affected by sitting and gives some handy tips on exercise, movement at work and posture.

If concerns about your health or injury are stopping you from getting active, then come and see us for an assessment and treatment, or visit your GP; no excuses now!



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