Osteoporosis Screening

Osteoporosis Screening with Dr Gill Pearson

Osteoporosis is common amongst older adults, and screening is important in helping avoid debilitating fractures and longer term complications. 

It is now recommended that women are screened under the age of 60 rather than waiting till 65, if they have known risk factors, such as

  • early menopause
  • steroid use
  • anti-epilepsy medication use
  • smoking
  • long-term Depo Provera use (injectable contraception)
  • breast cancer
  • previously high performing athlete or dancer
  • being under weight 

During the Osteoporosis Awareness months of May and October, Doctor, Homeopath and Osteoporosis Specialist Gill Pearson, offers patients an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have about their risk or treatment of Osteoporosis.

Dr Gill specialises in Osteoporosis care at Southampton Hospital and offers private support within the Stockbridge Osteopathic Practice. She can assess a patients risk factors, discuss medication, both conventional and alternatives, nutrition, arrange bone density scans and make referrals when needed.

If you would like to discuss your needs outside of the Awareness months of May and October, please call to check availability.

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Dr Gill Pearson

Dr Gill Pearson MB ChB MFHomMedically Qualified Registered Homeopath

Dr Gill Pearson is a medical doctor and a qualified classical homeopath, registered with the Faculty of Homeopathy (MFHom). She has a background in General Practice and currently specialises in osteoporosis at Southampton Hospital...

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