Looking Forward

Looking Forward

It is with trepidation I am taking over Gina’s wonderfully informative articles! She will be a hard act to follow, and I thank her for all the inspiration and thought provoking pieces she has written! I hope I can provide you with equal mental stimulation for the year to come!

Since we are heading into the New Year and 2015, I must make this a motivational article! As the local Osteopath and advocate of all things healthy (well mostly, says she, having just stolen one of the children’s chocolates from the tree!), I would like to give a little inspiration for when it comes to making those resolutions!

It’s great to go big and to really aspire to change, and the key to success is to start small. Break up that big goal into smaller and more achievable ones so you start to feel like you are attaining immediately and you feel all that lovely positive energy from each little success.

I am a control freak perfectionist (yes, my poor family!) and one of my resolutions is to clear out the loft. Now, I know that is not going to happen in a few hours, but maybe over a few months! Because of the organisational juggles I regularly perform balancing home and work life, I know I just can’t ‘go and do it’. So the first step is to warn everyone, and the second step is to make piles! Piles and piles of clothes, shoes and toys to go up into the loft! But of course to make space, things must come down before they can go up!

Now I know here comes the friction; I have to make a mess, or organised chaos I tell my husband! Items will get bagged and labeled eventually, and order will be returned. Usually with a great sense of relief all round!

So be it, dropping a dress size, making it round the Broughton Bounder or improving your work environment (or all three!), start with one small step. Reduce portion sizes, book your first fitness class and set break reminders on your laptop! And tell someone! By me warning the family of my impending clear out, not only were they braced for change, but I am also now committed to doing it!

So be ambitious with your resolutions, but break it up into manageable and realistic chunks, set yourself date targets and tell someone!

Hopefully by next month more things will be going up into the loft than coming down! I’ll let you know…….

Happy New Year, here’s to peace and health in 2015!

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