Homeopathy in Pregnancy and Birth

Homeopathy is safe for women to use during pregnancy and post-natally, including during breastfeeding. It is a gentle yet effective system of medicine and the remedies are highly diluted and are not chemical drugs, so they cannot harm the baby.

Childbirth can be quite a daunting prospect for mothers and these sort of concerns can be discussed during a homeopathic consultation. As the growing baby is considered an integral part of the mother, an appropriate homeopathic remedy that stimulates the vitality of the mother and allays her fears and anxieties can be expected to benefit the baby too. Many midwives are happy for women to use homeopathic remedies during labour and birth, even though the midwife may not have any specific homeopathic knowledge herself. So do discuss this with her at ante-natal visits.

There are remedy kits providing “Homeopathy for Childbirth” available from homeopathic pharmacies with instructions to follow. Discussions with our homeopath on how to use these appropriately can be helpful to the prospective parents.

After the birth, homeopathy may be used to accelerate natural healing for both mother and baby and thereby help the mother recover well. Several remedies help with feeding issues and easing these symptoms and may allow a mother to enjoy feeding her infant for longer.

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