Countdown to racing success

Countdown to running the Perfect Race

 10.   Warm up wisely too much stretching prior to the race may actually hinder your performance, instead, warm up with a brisk walk and gentle jog.

 9.      Wait for it to avoid building nerves, don’t turn up to the start line too early. Find a mid pack position and practice big belly breathes to steady yourself. 

8.     Start slowly avoid going off too fast and weaving your way through the pack, it wastes precious energy. Find a space, pace yourself and aim to finish strong.

7.    Hydrate dehydration can be life threatening. Drink water before, take sips during and top up after the race.

6.     Elbow room give yourself space to swing your arms, your legs will go faster, and keep your hands relaxed to release tension in your shoulders.

5.    Wiggle wiggle wiggle if you get tired, keep swinging your arms and try speed walking. Stay positive, tell yourself you can do it, YOU CAN!

4.    A stitch in time a stitch is your diaphragm cramping, so you may have eaten too close to racing. Take big belly breaths to stretch the diaphragm and apply pressure.

3.    Finish strong squeeze out that last sprint and smile for the camera.

2.    Warm down gently keep moving, and it is now time for the stretching.

1.   Relax visit the Sports Osteo’s tent for a massage, for any injury help or K-taping.

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