Clarendon Marathon treatment success

The Clarendon is a serious race, 90% of the 26.2 miles is off road, lots of uneven terrain, hills and mud to slow down runners. This year there was the option on the half and also a new mini 5-mile run.

I had a pitch in the Kings School sport hall to do post race treatment and advice for the runners. It was a very fluid and well-organised event. There were many massage therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, all mingling and sharing ideas giving a really positive vibe to the day.

The majority of the day was based around 10 minute leg massages, the main focus on shifting the lactic acid away from tight leg muscles to help with tissue repair and recovery, and also a few interesting more chronic injuries.

If you’re thinking about running a race here are some things you can do to help recover:

  1. Gentle stretching after the race, cooling down slowly.
  2. A post race Protein shake, within an hour of completing the race, with a 4:1 ratio carbs to protein. For example, 100g carbs to 25 grams protein, your body will absorb these nutrients 4 times faster after exercise and are imperative for tissue repair, and will help with the jelly legs the next day.
  3. Epsom salt bath, the minerals in Epsom salts, mainly the magnesium, will help to relax the muscles after a long race.
  4. Post race massage
  5. Foam rolling, gently foam roll the next day to help shift some of the waste products stored in muscles after exercise.

If you’ve sustained an injury during your race then come and see us for more in-depth assessment, treatment and advice.


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